Impact assessment & evaluation

On a daily basis, organisations and governments take strategic and operational (investment) decisions that create a footprint in our economy and society at large. In this context it is important to make a periodical assessment of the results and impact that such actiimpactons have generated.

IDEA Consult has a longstanding experience with supporting clients in evaluating the performance and impact of their decisions, investments, operations or projects.

We have carried out numerous independent evaluations, ranging from ex-ante evaluations (with an emphasis on good policy or programme design), to interim evaluations and ex-post evaluations (where learning and substantiating are key). At the same time we also support clients in developing impact-oriented strategies and monitoring systems (ex-ante), and in assessing performance and impact (ex-post).

Over the years, IDEA Consult has developed a solid methodology for calculating the (direct, indirect and induced) economic, impact of investments, projects or organisations and their financial return to the government(s). Furthermore, by combining this economic impact model with other methodological tools we are well-equipped to perform a multidimensional impact assessment (including e.g. scientific, catalytic, social or environmental impact). 

As part of the impact and evaluation work, IDEA Consult has considerable experience in indicator development and design of monitoring systems. Good KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and monitoring systems provide a reliable picture of the degree to which goals are met, efforts are cost-effective, etc.

Read more about our approach in our impact brochure.

Range of services:

  • Economic and multidimensional impact assessment
  • Development of intervention logic and impact value chain
  • Project, programme and institution evaluation
  • Evaluation of policy measures
  • Organisational audit
  • Monitoring and indicator system development

Reference projects