The potential of European industries to become carbon neutral

The potential of European industries to become carbon neutral

IDEA Consult together with lead partner VDI TZ, is currently carrying out a 'Techno-Economic study on the potential of European Industrial Companies regarding Europe's Green Deal'. This study identifies, maps, and analyses Global Innovation Networks (GINs) and their role in making the European Green Deal a success.

The identified policy areas within the scope of the European Green Deal affect all areas of industry, academia and civil society, albeit on different scales and at different times. These include: Clean energy, Sustainable industry, Sustainable agriculture, Building and renovating, Sustainable mobility, Biodiversity, From Farm to Fork, Eliminating pollution, and Climate action. The most immediate expected changes will however affect the most resource and energy intensive industries. Moreover, the study focuses on five priority areas of the European Green Deal, namely energy, industry, mobility, hydrogen and batteries.

Currently, the consortium is identifying and assessing the Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) competitiveness of companies and stakeholders regarding Europe's Green Deal. The study also provides an enhanced picture of techno-economic developments in terms of R&D&I competitiveness of companies regarding Europe's Green Deal, including a comparison with international competitors. The next steps of the project include the measuring of the selected GINs/ecosystems and the assessment of their relative positioning, providing insight on main sector/technology specificities. Furthermore, we will address the main drivers and barriers for investing in technologies relevant for Europe's Green. Lastly, the study will present a concise policy toolbox for R&D&I policies supporting technologies relevant for Europe's Green Deal.

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