Starting local professional associations for hotels, restaurants and catering in Flanders and Limburg

Local activity in the professional associations is of great importance to hotels, restaurants and catering establishments in Flanders. However, local activity has become weak in Limburg for historical reasons. Horeca Vlaanderen asked IDEA Consult to reinvigorate this local activity in Limburg in conjunction with Horeca Vlaanderen, the chairman and board of Horeca Provincie Limburg and the hotels, restaurants and catering sector coordinator for Limburg.

The following steps were taken:

  • Preparation of the framework and report for renewed local activity
  • Selection, questioning and engagement of a core group of hotel, restaurant and catering companies
  • Structuring of this core group into a formal structure
  • Provision of support to this core group for a rapid expansion of the core into a more extensive association.


  • Intermediate and private organisations