Second Report KETs Observatory

Second Report KETs Observatory

Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) enable process, goods and service innovation throughout the economy and are of systemic relevance: they are at the heart of game-changing products such as smart phones, high performance batteries, light vehicles, nano medicines, smart textiles and many more.

The results presented in the second report provide insight into the value created by the deployment of KETs and their relevance for Europe's economy and growth. The production of KETs based products represents 953.5 billion Euros or 19.2% of the total EU-28 production in 2013 and has increased over the past recent years. This production is associated with an absolute employment of 3.3 million jobs in 2013 or 11% of all jobs depending on manufacturing. The data clearly show the importance of KETs for the European economy.

The KETs Observatory provides useful indications for which KETs and stages in the deployment value chain a country performs well. The KETs Observatory and its detailed data are a strong complement to regional and national innovation policy strategies as the scope of the KETs Observatory allows for a unique comparison and positioning. Combined with other sources of information such as the JRC smart specialisation platform (which assists EU countries and regions to develop, implement and review their Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation -RIS3-), the KETs Observatory is a useful tool for informed decision making with regard to smart specialisation strategies.


  • European Commission