Redesignation, feasibility study and concept development of the Groenendaal accessway

The Flemish Nature and Woodlands Agency (Natuur & Bos) wants further develop Groenendaal into one of the six accessways to the Sonian Forest and to make it more attractive to visitors. N&W aspires to attract an inter-regional as well as international public. The area has a rich cultural-historical heritage, which has partially fallen into disuse or which no longer optimally serves its present purpose. In cooperation with various partners, IDEA Consult is developing a vision and concepts for this area, keeping in mind the client’s ambition, the context and strengths of the site. Thanks to this vision, the buildings can be utilised in the best possible way. The site will be a unique location, where people can not only enjoy nature, but can also eat good food, stay and hold meetings.  The goal is to preserve the small-scale character of this site and devote maximum effort to creating a unique niche position for it, which will also attract visitors from far and near.


  • Flemish government