Monitoring European Industrial Investment in New Technologies: Industry 5.0 and Advanced Materials

Monitoring European Industrial Investment in New Technologies: Industry 5.0 and Advanced Materials

IDEA Consult, together with lead partner PPMI, is carrying out two studies on behalf of DG R&I to monitor and assess industrial R&D&I investments in advanced materials and Industry 5.0.

The first study will inform the policy debate on advanced materials, including sustainability at the EU level, with a focus on creating a Commission-coordinated plan on advanced materials and establishing strategic directions for Horizon Europe. The study will provide intelligence in industrial R&D&I investments in view of mapping and assessing the progress needed to meet the strategic objectives of the Materials 2030 Manifesto and Roadmap. The study also entails a market outlook of advanced materials including an analysis of the market competitiveness and advanced materials innovation markets by application and geography.

The second study will focus on Industry 5.0. Industry 5.0 is the vision of a human-centred, resilient and sustainable industry, a vision that aims beyond efficiency and productivity as the sole goals, and reinforces the role and the contribution of industry to society.

The first part of the study will focus on the development of a set of indicators for the three pillars of Industry 5.0, i.e. human-centricity, sustainability and resilience. In the second part of the study, these indicators will be tested in two pilot cases covering two industrial ecosystems namely mobility-transport-automotive ecosystem and energy intensive industries.

The pilot cases will support the evaluation of the impact of European industry's investments in Industry 5.0 on their economic and innovation performance. The analysis will consider the potential synergies between the three pillars of Industry 5.0 and its effect on financial performance and competitiveness.

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Nazareno Braito (Ph.D.)
Senior Consultant Innovation, Competitiveness & Sustainability


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