Intermediate process evaluation 'Focus on talent'-policy

Intermediate process evaluation 'Focus on talent'-policy

“Focus on talent” policy lacks focus. According to IDEA Consult, this is the most important conclusion of the interim process evaluation of Track 3 of the “Focus on talent” policy. Focus on Talent is the successor to the previous career and diversity policy and consists of three tracks: activation of all talent through the operation of the VDAB (Flemish Service for Employment and Vocational Training) (track 1), investing in talent, mainly through the SME portfolio (track 2), and a mobilising strategy (track 3). As part of Track 3, VOKA (Flanders Chamber of Commerce and Industry), UNIZO (the Union of Self-Employed Entrepreneurs), the trade unions, the Minorities Forum, GRIP and another eight smaller projects developed actions to increase the employment opportunities of disadvantaged groups by breaking down prejudice and stimulating talent-oriented HR. While each of these actions is implemented in a professional way in and of itself, the problem is that they all exist alongside each other and are therefore unable to achieve the intended “mind switch” in society at large. This is the consequence of the government’s choice not to play a steering role.

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The results were also published in Over.Werk no. 2.

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Ella Desmedt (Ph.D.)
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Kathy Goffin
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