InnoVET: Professionalisation and innovation in labour market-oriented education

InnoVET: Professionalisation and innovation in labour market-oriented education

The project’s emphasis is on the quality of labour market-oriented education in light of the innovative developments in the labour market (e.g., digitalisation, circular economy, 3D printing, nanotechnology, working in self-steering teams, etc.). A crucial pillar for the quality of education is the quality of its teachers. But these teachers are increasingly confronted with the fast-growing knowledge base inside and outside education; nowadays professions and sectors are evolving so rapidly that it is a major challenge for teachers in labour market-oriented training programmes to keep up with all these innovations. That is why the professional development of teachers and their participation in professionalisation initiatives throughout their career is so important. These initiatives must be well-equipped and up to date to ensure that they are in step with recent and future innovative developments in the labour market. Good cooperation between stakeholders from education and the labour market is vital for this.

This mission consists of two equally important components, to be implemented simultaneously.

Part I: Global survey

A survey of all the partners involved (education and the labour market) into professionalisation initiatives that reinforce the connection between classroom practices and innovative developments on the labour market. This global survey assesses teachers’ training needs and to the extent to which all the partners involved are prepared to commit to this.

Part II: Survey regarding support for “Education/Labour market Innovation labs”

The Department of Education and Training has developed a specific model for a potential innovative professionalisation project: intensive learning programmes in which cooperation between schools and companies takes centre stage, with “Education/Labour Market Innovation Labs” as milestones and dissemination opportunities. In this part, we will assess the support among teachers/teacher teams and companies/sectors/etc. for such an initiative. At the same time, we will also ask them about other potentially innovative initiatives.

A wide range of methods will be used for this survey including interviews, focus groups and an online survey with open or closed questions. The type of stakeholder will determine the method used. An animated video is being developed as an introduction to the survey.

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Ella Desmedt (Ph.D.)
Senior Expert in Education, Evaluation & Governance