Impact of the space programme (Belspo)

Impact of the space programme (Belspo)

On behalf of the Belgian Science Policy Office (Belspo), we have carried out an impact assessment of the investments they do in space activities and in space research in Belgium – including their contribution to the European ESA program.

The study focused on the economic, technological, scientific and societal impact of these investments.

The economic impact was measured through a combination of methods at macro and micro level. At macro level, an input-output analysis was implemented and at micro level, the economic effects were quantified through a survey amongst individual companies that participated in projects supported by Belspo. Also the technological impact was measured through this survey.

The scientific impact was measured based on interviews with research groups and through a webometric analysis of the publications of these researchers.

Finally, the scientific impact was illustrated through 5 case studies which were developed based on desk research and information collected on the relevant topics in the nterviews with companies and research groups.


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