Impact of the festival Tomorrowland

Impact of the festival Tomorrowland

IDEA analysed the economic added value of three iterations of the Tomorrowland festival (2015-2017). Every year, this amazing dance festival attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to De Schorre in Boom, with an impressive line-up of world-class DJs. Our impact assessment aims to give as complete a picture as possible of Tomorrowland’s economic significance for the province of Antwerp and the Belgian economy.

IDEA uses its own predominantly quantitative method, which focuses on three distinct components:

  • the indirect economic impact (expenditure by the organiser for the organisation of the festival as well as spending by festival visitors in the (local) economy);
  • the derived economic effects (expenditure in the form of the salaries of anyone who is directly or indirectly involved in the festival’s organisation);
  • the tax revenue that is channelled back to the government (in the form of social security contributions, VAT revenue and corporate tax).

Tomorrowland used this impact assessment to provide local and international stakeholders with a well-founded insight into the substantial economic impact of a dance festival.


  • Intermediate and private organisations