Future-oriented evaluation Dutch Music Export

Future-oriented evaluation Dutch Music Export

Since 2017, Dutch Music Export - the Dutch music export agency - has been committed to facilitating the export of music from the Netherlands, from co-financing by the Dutch Fund for Performing Arts and Buma Cultuur and under the auspices of the Pop Coalition Foundation, a partnership of a large number of organisations from the pop and dance sector. The activities can be divided into showcases and trade missions, marketing arrangements, visitor arrangements and initiatives in the field of information and education. Although DME activities were already evaluated internally in the interim and adjusted to optimise, an independent study is planned for mid-2020 to evaluate the results for the full period 2017 to mid-2020. IDEA Consult is carrying this out.

The central objective of this assignment:

  1. To map the impact and effectiveness of DME regulations (2017-2020) at various points in the value chain, preferably using measurable indicators, and to propose future-oriented improvement strategies.
  2. In addition, the study will also investigate to what extent the international successes of Dutch artists also lead to a different perception among foreign stakeholders about music from the Netherlands. A positive perception of "Dutch Music" can also be a lever for other artists from the Netherlands.

IDEA Consult does not only provide an evaluation of the past operation, but also a contribution to the future improvement of DME's operation, certainly in terms of the development towards a more evidence-based operation in the future.


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