Financing for culture

Micro-financing, venture philanthropy, crowdfunding,... the financing world is undergoing major changes. What can this form of financing mean to the cultural sector? IDEA Consult advises policy-makers at Flemish and European level with the development of a stimulating framework to mobilise more financing for culture.

In recent months IDEA screened the financing landscape for culture in Flanders by order of the Department for Culture, Youth, Sport and Media. The results of this screening and the recommendations to bolster the financing landscape comprise the basis for the "Supplementary financing for culture" white paper from minister for Culture, Youth, Sport and Media Gatz, that will be further concretised in the coming months.

At European level IDEA Consult will in the coming months head an international consortium of partners and experts which will detail the phenomenon of crowdfunding in the cultural and creative sectors (CCS) by order of the European Commission (DG EAC). What part does crowdfunding play in the sector? What interaction exists between crowdfunding and other forms of financing, and between private and public parties for financing culture? ... During this project, besides the investigation itself, a digital platform will also be set up that in due course will grow to become a European knowledge hub for all information and inspiration relating to crowdfunding in the cultural and creative sectors. To achieve this IDEA Consult will be working closely with its ECN (European Crowdfunding Network) partners and Ecorys, among others.


  • Flemish government
  • European Commission