Evaluation of the strategic research centres (SRC’s) imec, VIB and iMinds

The objective of this project is to carry out an evaluation of the strategic research centres (SRCs), imec, VIB and iMinds. This evaluation consists of a punctual evaluation of each SRC individually and a synthesis at systemic level. Both the ex-post perspective (2011-2016) and the ex-ante perspective (2017-2021) are part of the evaluations.

The punctual evaluations of the SRC will focus on the following elements:

  • Evolution of the institution compared to the previous evaluation (2011) and this taking into account the changing and changed policy context;
  • Assessment of the operations and functioning of the institution including in terms of goal attainment and use of available resources;
  • Achieved results and performance, particularly in terms of effect and impact (including scientific but also social and economic impacts);
  • Future plans and opportunities.

The system evaluation will focus on the following central themes:

  • The policy framework and the (policy) objective(s) in which these SRCs were and are embedded;
  • (Strategic) alliances (and the delivered added value) and the realised valorisation (e.g. in terms of spin-offs, incubation, etc.);
  • Future plans and opportunities.

For this assignment, we work together with Dialogic. IDEA Consult is responsible for the evaluation of imec and VIB, and Dialogic accounts for iMinds. The system evaluation is performed by a mixed team of IDEA Consult and Dialogic.

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foto Miriam Van Hoed
Miriam Van Hoed
Senior Expert Innovation & Competitiveness


  • Flemish government