Development of a digital platform for circular economy

Development of a digital platform for circular economy

IDEA Consult is working, under the lead of the Politecnico di Milano, on a Horizon 2020 project, named DigiPrime, which will run for four years and which involves over 30 partners. The main objective of DigiPrime is to develop a digital platform for circular economy in cross-sectorial sustainable value networks.

In the framework of the project, six pilots and 20 use-cases will show the functionality of the platform which aims at supporting the deployment of industrial circular projects. Four of the six pilot projects will focus on particular business-cases in six key sectors of the circular economy including automotive, renewable energy, textile, smart machining systems, construction and electronics. The fifth pilot will identify the cross-sectoral value chains arising from the pilot projects. IDEA Consult will lead together with Politenico di Milano the development of the sixth pilot on “Circular innovation hubs integration” where supply services for circular economy projects will be merged. Furthermore, more pilots will be developed in new sectors. These pilots will be funded through Open Calls.

The development of the pilots will contribute to define the requirements needed to set up the platform. Moreover, developing pilots will enable the project to share valuable data on the platform. During the initial phase, pilots will be key to observe and test the functionality of such a platform. The finished platform will reduce information asymmetries among stakeholders across the value-chain. It will result in new cross-sectorial circular business models.


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