About Crowdfunding4Culture

IDEA Consult together with its consortium partners ECN (European Crowdfunding Network) and Ecorys have been selected by the he European Commission (DG Education and Culture) to conduct a pilot project on "Crowdfunding for the cultural and creative sectors: kickstarting the cultural economy". The aim of this project is to unlock the potential of crowdfunding for the cultural and creative sectors in Europe, by mapping and analyzing current practices in the European crowdfunding market for cultural and creative sectors, by conducting a feasibility study to lower the current fragmentation in the crowdfunding market, and by setting up the website to inform and inspire cultural and creative actors about the potential of crowdfunding for their activities. The project runs until June 2017 and will end with a knowledge sharing and community building conference on "crowdfunding4culture".

Take and share our surveys

How attractive is crowdfunding for cultural organisations and creative professionals? Who are the digital givers? Have there been any government initiatives towards supporting crowdfunding for culture and have they been successful? Ultimately, is crowdfunding a useful and sustainable tool for the cultural and creative sectors in Europe?

To answer these questions and more we have launched 4 surveys for:

  1. Platforms focusing or hosting cultural and creative projects
  2. Cultural organisations and creative professionals who have or have not used crowdfunding
  3. Backers/investors who support cultural and creative initiatives or have backed campaign(s)
  4. Policy makers at local, national or EU level who have or have not taken initiatives with regard to crowdfunding

Please feel free to take the survey, if relevant, and share it with your members, network, colleagues or friends and help us bring the knowledge of crowdfunding for the cultural and creative sector to a higher level. Check our social media toolkit for readymade infographics, tweets and newsletter messages to help you share our project.

Partner with us

Would you like to become our partners in helping creative professionals and cultural organisations learn how to make better use of crowdfunding? Then share our surveys and project with your members and network and cc on your correspondence. We will then upload your logo on our website.

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Crowdfunding4Culture is social! We share news and events on the use of crowdfunding 4 culture on a daily basis on our social media. If you want to keep up to date with how cultural organisations and individuals make use of crowdfunding for their activities, or want to share your opinion on the matter, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Read the full report here.


  • European Commission