Creative value chains in the digital era

Creative value chains in the digital era

To what extent does digitisation (radically) change value chains in cultural and creative industries in Europe: which new players enter the market? How do the economic conditions and market relations in the value chains change? What new business models emerge, which creates opportunities for new creation? how does it impact the relation with audience?

The European Commission (DG EAC) has commissioned IDEA Consult (lead) and its partners KEA and VUB-SMIT to examine the value chains of nine different cultural and creative sectors: cultural heritage, performing arts, visual arts, artistic crafts, film, music, books, radio & TV and gaming. For each of these sectors we mapped the relevant actors and analysed their industrial organisation.

Moreover, in five thematic papers specific topics related to digitisation and potential market imbalances in creative value chains have been studied:

  1. intertwining and convergence in creative value chains;
  2. competitive dynamics in two-sided markets;
  3. digitisation and new opportunities for creators;
  4. remuneration and rights management in the digital age and
  5. cultural diversity.

Based on the analysis and supported by an online crowdsourcing process with experts and stakeholders, the study puts forward recommendations to policy-makers on what is needed for the CCS in today's digital world.

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