Concept study neighbourhood 'Arsenaal'

Concept study neighbourhood 'Arsenaal'

The Arsenaal site, a vacant 14 ha NMBS/SNCB workplace with exceptional industrial heritage in the 20th-century outskirts of Ghent, is now awaiting a new destination.

In the past months, commissioned by the City of Ghent and in cooperation with the NMBS/SNCB and the City Policy Team, IDEA Consult supported the concept development for the transformation of this site into an innovative, interwoven and connected urban node.

Within a team consisting of TRANS Architecture and Urban Planning, Cluster Landscape and Heritage, and RE-ST Architects, IDEA Consult took care of the development of a valorisation strategy, the exploration of the most suitable programme, the analysis of the financial feasibility and the elaboration of the most appropriate management form.

The concept study lays the foundation for an ambitious urban renewal project and proposes a strategic direction and vision for the site to evolve into a Makers neighbourhood with a focus on economic activities. The valuable existing sheds form the framework for an infill with innovative urban manufacturing activities and space where companies within the Cleantech sector can experiment, test and grow.

In addition to business activity, the Makers neighbourhood within the concept study also offers space for knowledge institutions, offices, retail and facilities to stimulate cross-fertilisation between different actors. This is about more than just filling space, but about developing an eco-system and network of businesses that add value to the neighbourhood and to each other. In order to ensure that the neighbourhood is also a lively place after working hours, in addition to a socio-cultural programme, space is also provided for housing, part of which is used for social and affordable housing.

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