Analysis of the requirements for cultural infrastructure in Wommelgem

IDEA advised the local government in Wommelgem on the construction of a new community centre. Based on an analysis of the area, extensive input from local residents and associations and a set of specifications, the local government will be able to take a well-founded decision now.

In Wommelgem, the construction of a social or community centre has been on the political agenda for some time. In order to be able to take a well-founded decision on this matter, the local government enlisted the help of the IDEA advisers. We drew up an inventory of the sociocultural infrastructure in Wommelgem and the neighbouring municipalities. Local residents and associations were also asked for input on their needs in terms of performing arts infrastructure, conference rooms or classrooms, and social facilities in the broadest sense. This was done through interviews with key figures and an online questionnaire, followed by an open roundtable with interested citizens and associations. The analysis revealed the existing sociocultural infrastructure in Wommelgem to be suboptimal (insufficiently equipped, poor image, exclusive use) and that the infrastructure in the neighbouring municipalities did not offer a viable alternative. On this basis, IDEA recommended the construction of new infrastructure, which would, however, need to meet a number of conditions. Chief among these would be that the local authorities would, in principle, be willing to reinforce the cultural policy and to make additional funding available for both infrastructure and exploitation in the coming years. IDEA drew up a set of specifications on the basis of which the local government will be able to give concrete shape to their decision and, if desired, elaborate the project quickly.


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