A win-win plan for climate and health

A win-win plan for climate and health

Heat stress, flood fears, problems with the tiger mosquito, ... illustrate the impact of climate change on health. IDEA Consult developed recommendations to strengthen the (supra-)local level in these challenges.

Flemish Minister of Welfare, Public Health and Family Hilde Crevits recently launched the Flemish Climate Health Plan at a Health Conference of the Department of Care. The (supra-)local policy level plays an important role in this.

Participatory research project

IDEA Consult, in collaboration with the consultants of WhoCares?, did a participatory research project on strengthening the (supra-)local operation around climate change and health. The role of local governments, intermunicipal collaborations, regional actors, care professions, frontline zones and care degrees were the focus of this assignment. Our analysis and strategic recommendations will feed into the concretisation of the climate health plan.

New governance perspectives and health policy developments

We included new administrative perspectives on the relationship between the Flemish government and the field of municipalities, care professions, ... into the mapping of the current situation; We combined this with developments in preventive health policy and care.

A Flemish policy framework combined with bottom-up strengthening of innovation and strong practices is the recommended approach. For the Flemish policy framework, we established links between the Department of Health Care, the Interior Administration Agency and the Department of Environment. The supralocal level was put forward as a policy and cooperation platform of local authorities, first-line zones, intermunicipal companies, ... around climate health.

Via a coordinated approach by the Department of Health Care, supporters such as VIVEL, Gezond Leven, ... are involved and links are made to networks of spatial planners and study and engineering agencies. Logo working in Flanders and their Medical Environmentalists (MMKs) play a central role in the recommendations.

Health test of Logo Leieland as practice check

Besides rolling out a heat action plan, the 'Health Test' by Logo Leieland and the Intercommunal Leieland was also included in the report as a 'practice check' of the recommendations. The health test is a tool to promote healthy public spaces. The six indicators of the test are taken into account in plans for public space and thus also in the preparation of spatial implementation plans (SIPs) by Leiedal. This way, a SIP is critically assessed for health criteria and Logo hangs non-binding but highly recommended suggestions on how to improve.