A plus for 55+ in the interim sector

A plus for 55+ in the interim sector

Commissioned by Travi, IDEA Consult and The Argonauts investigate why 55+ and 65+ year olds decide to use temporary employment agencies or not. We look for the factors that influence the decision, the steps people take and what their experience is during the process with temporary employment agencies.

What is the purpose of the research?

Travi, the training fund for the temporary employment sector, will use the results of this study to improve the support for people over 55. The study helps to map out the actual needs and determine the action points so that people can be helped even better in their search for a new challenge.

Do you want to contribute to this research?

Have you considered using temporary employment agencies? Or even taken the step? Are you more then 55 or 65 years old?

OR... Do you work as a temporary employment consultant? Do you also help people aged 55 or 65 and over in their search for a new challenge?

Then you are the person we are looking for!

Would you like to share your story, from your perspective as a 55+ or 65+ person, or as a temporary employment, in an interview lasting up to 1 hour? Or would you first like some more information? Then leave your details via this link and book an appointment straight away!

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