5 school groups test guidelines for strong ICT teams

5 school groups test guidelines for strong ICT teams

Too often, ICT coordinators in schools are still swamped by day-to-day technical tasks, leaving no time for supporting teachers in ICT integration in the classroom or providing strategic advice (e.g. on purchases) to management.

A targeted allocation of people and resources between level school group and level schools, and more team-oriented ICT coordination at each level, may provide a solution here.  Based on focus groups with good practices, IDEA Consult developed design guidelines to support schools in Flanders in this transition.

Between November 2022 and March 2023, these guidelines will be tested by some 20 schools in 5 school groups in Flanders. They will work with their own learning points and see whether the guidelines effectively help them take steps forward. IDEA Consult's researchers are collecting reactions and feedback so that we can eventually land on final guidelines that can be used in all Flemish schools and school groups.

The draft guidelines are already on Klascement: https://www.klascement.net/artikels/154687/jobprofiel-ictcoordinatoren-inzichten-sterke-ictteams-en-conceptrichtlijnen-onderzoeksrapport/ Reactions and feedback are always welcome!

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Ella Desmedt (Ph.D.)
Senior Expert in Education, Evaluation & Governance