Tourism & recreation

Tourism & recreation are sectors that help shape the future of our economy. They are therefore rightly considered as priorities in the policies drawn up by managements, companies and organisations. IDEA Consult is often involved in planning and promoting new developments right from their start-up phase. We are convinced that an appropriate and decisive policy that addresses the economic benefits of tourism & leisure will bring about a win-win situation with positive economic, social, cultural, educational and environmental impacts, to name but a few. Because tourism & leisure affect so many areas, we are fully focussed on a co-creative process management with clear results in mind.We develop forward-looking strategies and innovative project concepts on behalf of public sector bodies, companies and organisations. Sometimes tourism is the main purpose (tourist services, attractions, recreation centres, the accommodation sector, conference centres, etc.), and sometimes tourism is an extra source of income (museums, heritage sites, events, festivals, retail, hospitality, etc.). Each assignment is tailor-made, whereby we take an internal and external approach and make creative connections. We create added value with our unique plans, which work in practice and which make the difference.

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Michelle Accardo
Senior Expert Regional & Urban Development / Culture & Tourism