Tourism & recreation, culture & heritage

Art and culture, tourism and recreation are sectors that matter. They offer added value in many ways and are therefore not for nothing spearheads in the policies of many local authorities. Also from a spatial and economic perspective.

Tourism and recreation are (potentially) important levers for the quality of life and the viability of a municipality, city or region. IDEA Consult advises and guides local authorities in the development of their tourist and recreational potential as essential elements of contemporary spatial and economic policy. With the greatest possible care for the quality of the experience and the quality of the core product in all its forms. We provide advice and guidance in vision and policy development, in the concrete link between tourism and recreation with the intended spatial or landscape development, in concept and project development, in feasibility research and business plans, in evaluations and impact research, ...

Art, culture and heritage also play an increasingly prominent role in the quality of life and perceptions of neighborhoods, municipalities, cities or regions. Both for residents and users and for visitors. In addition to its direct intrinsic value, art, culture and heritage are also important levers for quality living together, for educational and economic purposes, for attractive city centers and regions, for a high-quality public space, for thriving retail and catering. IDEA Consult guides local authorities in developing and optimizing their cultural potential and in making promising connections with other sectors and policy domains.

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foto Michelle Accardo
Michelle Accardo
Senior Expert Regional & Urban Development / Culture & Tourism