Urban and rural development strategies

The future of Europe is made in the cities and regions. It is in this field that global challenges such as innovation, isolation or climate can be felt and asked for an answer.

Cities and regions rightly wonder how they can stimulate economic growth and sustainable development, how they can include all relevant actors, how they arrange their financing, etc.

All of these questions are better answered today than tomorrow.

IDEA has advised many regions over the past decades at various stages, from analysis to evaluation:

  • Analysis: a good strategy starts with a thorough analysis of the regional tissue. What are the real challenges, who are our strong owners, which competencies are present or need to be strengthened, etc?
  • Strategy: which initiatives bring the greatest added value? How do we connect our goals to achieve integrated development?
  • Drawing up a roadmap and implementation: what really matters are the results in the field. IDEA supports the roll-out and realization of the strategic projects and the establishment of a program structure for their follow-up;
  • Evaluation and adjustment: do we achieve the desired output and effects with our actions? Where do we adjust in function of more results?
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foto Steven Knotter
Steven Knotter
Senior Expert Regional & Urban Development