Labour market activation policy

The ageing population is causing the working population to shrink and many older employees are exiting the labour market early. At the same time, it is often difficult for young people and other vulnerable groups to find a place in the labour market.

Moreover, the employment structure has been changing in terms of composition, characteristics and in the quality of jobs. Labour markets are characterised by an increasingly dualised labour market between people with and without a stable employment relationship. The spread of collaborative economy, online platforms and digitalized forms of work are challenging the current forms of employment relations. More flexible employment forms offer new possibilities for both companies and workers, but also impose some major challenges.

IDEA analyses, evaluates, advises and creates new cutting-edge labour market measures and instruments in order to provide answers to these challenges.

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foto Kathy Goffin
Kathy Goffin
Expert Labour Market & Socio-Economic Policy
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Daphné Valsamis
Senior Expert Labour Market & Socio-Economic Policy
foto Marie Antoine (Ph.D.)
Marie Antoine (Ph.D.)
Expert Labour Market & Socio-Economic Policy

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