Technology Deployment & Industrial Modernisation

IDEA Consult is at the forefront of supporting EU policy development to accelerate research & innovation, technology deployment and industrial modernisation. IDEA Consult has completed several studies related to KETs, technology deployment, collaboration networks of technology centres in the field of KETs with one-stop shop access for SMEs, as well as formulated policy recommendations for the high-level working group on KETs.

IDEA Consult experts are recognised in the field of smart specialisation, innovation processes and policy analysis, EU funding programmes and policy instruments. In addition, the work completed in support of the Vanguard Initiative as well as the Thematic Smart Specialisation Platforms support the development of joint pilots targeting co-investment for which IDEA Consult experts have proven understanding of interregional and transnational cooperation and have experience in supporting regions through interactive and participatory mechanisms/initiatives for interregional cooperation. 

In the past two years, IDEA Consult has been supporting 9 cross-regional networks from these platforms in technology deployment fields such as: solar energy, marine renewable energy, bio-energy, sustainable buildings, smart grids, photonics, Industry 4.0, high-tech precision farming and sports technologies. The IDEA Consult experts coordinated the work of different regions to identify cross-regional projects and looked for adequate funding. 

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