Sectoral Intelligence & Competitiveness

Do you ever wonder about the profitability and productivity of the companies in your sector, and how they perform in comparison with those in other countries or regions? Or about the shifts taking place within the value chain in your sector? Or maybe about the economic importance of new clusters or activities in your sector and how they will continue to evolve?

IDEA Consult has the extensive and practical expertise needed to help you gain a data-driven insights into the various success factors for companies and sectors. IDEA Consult offers flexible collaboration solutions to help you obtain an empirical response to these and other questions you might have.

In addition we can also help you with the search for and development of an inspiring vision and strategy! IDEA Consult has extensive experience in helping to create strategic visions, starting with a thorough analysis and then working through an interactive process with workshops and brainstorming sessions to formulate an inspiring mission and vision, which we then convert into strategic priorities and projects.

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Kristof Mertens
Senior Expert Innovation & Competitiveness

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