Strategy, concept development & communication

Museums, libraries & heritage sites: memory of the past, sources of inspiration for new creations, socio-cultural meeting places, tourist highlights, challenging organisations from a management perspective ... How can all these different aspects be combined within one organisation? Is it even possible?

What is the role of art and cultural centres in our quickly evolving society? What is the cultural, social and economic impact you want to create as a cultural organisation? How do you monitor this?

How to come up with a strong concept for a cultural event and how to implement it? Which target groups do you want to reach and what is the right target group strategy?

Many cultural organisations and governments are struggling with these questions. IDEA Consult is a reliable sounding board for strategy, concept development, communication and so much more. IDEA Consult guides you through all the phases of strategy development, monitoring, evaluation and (re)training. With our broad view on the many aspects that affect their working environment - from digitisation to regulation and social trends - we are an excellent discussion partner for strategic (re)sourcing, development of refreshing concepts and innovative products. We help you look with the eyes of the users of culture and experts, nourished by inspiring examples from home and abroad.

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foto Michelle Accardo
Michelle Accardo
Senior Expert Regional & Urban Development / Culture & Tourism