Martin Neys

Senior Consultant Circular Economy

Martin is graduated in Political Sciences (International relationships) at the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL) and have a complementary Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences and Management. 

He has worked for 8 years for UCM (the interprofessional employers’ organisation for SMEs and self-employed people) as a Circular Economy and Ecodesign Project Manager. There, he has endorsed different aspects of this function such as field diagnostics, assessment reports, support day-to-day, training, creation of awareness or work tools. Martin has a good knowledge of the economic and entrepreneurial fabric and easy contact with its representatives. He also had the chance to work 6 months on a carbon-offsetting project for a tour operator in Quito - Ecuador. Back in Brussels, his expertise in circular business was often solicited by the public sector and he is, furthermore, proud to be one of the first contributors to the Brussels Regional Program for a Circular Economy (PREC - Be Circular). 

Since 2021, Martin works at IDEA Consult as a Senior Consultant in Circular Economy for the Real Estate and Territorial Development Department (RTD). He leads coordination and strategic support missions such as activities of (bio)waste facilitators, studies and supervision of regional strategies on sustainable public procurement as well as guidance of winning economic activities to calls for circular projects.

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