Lucien Kahane

Expert Territorial Development & Real Estate

Lucien Kahane is an architect and urban planner. As a project architect he has contributed to a large number of building projects and he has also acquired experience in urban development design with a number of master plans. His final thesis in urban development dealt with the complex subject of regeneration in run-down urban areas. In 2008, Lucien took an additional real estate education at the Solvay Business School in Brussels.

Since August 2005, Lucien is working at IDEA as consultant in real estate and urban development. His experience lies in urban, real estate development and spatial-economic research, on a strategic level or on a scale of a specific project area. His role within the real estate team is that of expert for the residential market, thanks to numerous market studies for residential projects or studies on housing policy. In the framework of projects of area development and master planning, he takes on the role of programmer.

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