Laura Ceuterick

Project Assistant & HR/Accountancy

Laura Ceuterick, Project Assistant at IDEA Consult. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in management assistant at the Odisee University in Brussels. She completed her end-of-year internship at UCB. During her internship she was responsible for a big project, which was to emphasize the communication and collaboration between all the UCB assistants worldwide through the implementation of a new SharePoint site. She carried out this study by doing researches about the SharePoint topic and by analyzing the needs of UCB's assistants. This project was a success because the assistants still make use of this platform. After her studies, she went to the United States for a few months to studying English. She learned English in cities such as Los Angeles and Miami. After that she got a language certificate. Prior working for IDEA Consult, Laura worked for the FSMA as a management assistant.

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