Katrijn Raeymaekers

Senior consultant local development/guidance

Katrijn Raeymaekers, subsidy advisor at the Regional and Local Governance Department at IDEA Consult, combines a social and pedagogical background with a passion for societal and social innovation. She graduated as a Master in Social Work and combined her fulltime job with a teacher training. Katrijn started working for the city of Turnhout as an education consultant at the Welfare Department for eight years, moving to the Strategy and Policy Department as a subsidy advisor.

She acquired experience and knowledge of European Projects specialising in elderly care with Emmaüs, coordinating three projects.

As a project manager, she is experienced in working and cooperating with academia, businesses, public authorities, ngo’s and civil society. For example, in the PACE-project thirteen project partners from four countries tested new models of supporting parents in combining childcare and work.

Katrijn supports the public sector to address complex problems, encouraging actors to collaborate to co-create solutions by seeking appropriate solutions.

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