Irina Grcheva

Consultant Real Estate & Territorial Development

Irina holds a Master in Human Settlements (2016, KU Leuven) and a Master in Architecture (2012, UACS, Skopje). She is a doctoral candidate at the University of Antwerpen, researching transnational green infrastructure projects with focus on the nature protection and transnational governance. At the University of Antwerp, she worked as a research manager at the Urban Studies Institute and a project manager of the Horizon 2020 project "Transit Oriented Development for Inclusive and Sustainable Rural-Urban Regions" (TOD-IS-RUR). Previously she worked as designer at Archipelago Architects, Leuven, as well as a teaching and research assistant at the School of Architecture and Design, UACS, Skopje. Her other interests include paricipatory planning, afordable housing, and governance for climate change adaptation.

Projects by Irina Grcheva

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