Emma Legein

Consultant Innovation & Competitiveness

Emma Legein strengthens IDEA’s team as analyst in the department of innovation, competitiveness and sustainability. Shortly before joining IDEA, she obtained her Master of Science in Business Engineering (specialization in entrepreneurship and innovation) from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. In the context of her master thesis, she had the opportunity to combine her background in economics with her passion for sustainability by researching the impact of Circular Economy on Enterprise Resilience. During this research Emma came in contact with a variety of specialists active in research organizations (such as VITO), policy makers (mainly from the Brussels Environment Office), as well as managers at multinationals such as DSM and Umicore. During her studies Emma was also active as a consultant for 180DC, the world’s largest university-based consultancy, where she performed data-harmonization and -analysis for Les Petits Riens, a Brussels-based social enterprise. Additionally, she gained experience in the field of operational excellence through her internship at Cegeka.

Projects by Emma Legein

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